Mr. Ariem V. Cinco

By Ariem V. Cinco
Regional Information Officer III

Thank you, PPRD and Dr. Caroline Guerta for giving me the opportunity to be part of this pragmatic academic endeavor not only as a grammarian but also as a presenter of the conference syntheses.

Highly esteemed Schools Division Superintendents, Assistant Schools Division Superintendents, School Heads, School Administrators, teacher-researchers, education program supervisors, and research coordinators, good afternoon.

Today marks another milestone in research for DepEd Caraga being the first to conduct such pragmatic academic endeavor in pursuit of bringing positive changes to education and other facets of human life. It is without a doubt that schools would greatly benefit from these scholarly studies.

Ladies, gentlemen, and other profound expressions of being, we are gathered with the ultimate goal of achieving greater heights in research as a precursor of innovations and developments. With our commitment plan, we amplify the “already” clarion aspiration that is beyond ourselves – that is to deliver quality, accessible, and liberating basic education. It is through collaboration that we can harness our potentials of transforming these ingenuities into impeccable realities.

As we have come to a conclusion, we are marooned in the same boat confined by the boundaries of seas and mountains of challenges, yet we have prevailed victorious. Today, while we continue to paddle our way through the insurmountable waves — there are three questions that linger: what, so what, and now what?

All the presentations in this two-day conference center on one common goal which is to improve systems relative to instructions, governance, stakeholder-partnership, leadership and management practices, and community relations with the end in view of safeguarding the students’ and teachers’ welfare, and of creating habitable ecosystems where lives can flourish. All these all boil down to cultivating education for love of life.

Through all these academic studies, we are able to view challenges that confront our education system, the stakeholders, the services providers, and our clients in a different lens, with a different perspective as we head towards the direction of providing research-, evidence-based, well-informed decisions, and interventions. By espousing research-based decisions, the cost of trial-and-error, and band-aid solutions is minimized.

Hence, it is with fervent hope that our leaders, administrators, and decision-makers would prioritize in crafting policies for the institutionalization of these research finds, recommendations, and best practices to ensure continuity in the implementation. Otherwise, all these brilliant ideas will be put to waste. If not implemented, these studies would be like seeds that would fall on barren grounds, rendering all these studies futile.

The facts we’ve been introduced to today are products of yesterday’s research studies, and all these similar facts will give us direction towards the path that can impact our future – the one that will make all the difference.

Once again, good afternoon and thank you.


(Ed. The above piece was delivered by the author during the closing ceremony of the Pag-inambitay: Sharing of Success Stories of Researchers 2019 on September 3-4 at the LMX Convention Center, Butuan City.)