Cabadbaran City Division

Every locality has its spot that they brag to its tourists may it be local or international. Visits in their place will be made more memorable because of this. Once you will personally witness the place you will truly be amazed by the beauty of nature.
One, two, three, four, five…
You will surely forget the number of steps it took you before reaching the Grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lourdes on a hilltop. That was quite few but you will never felt tired and sweating not after you said your prayers.

The view on that first stop was very fascinating. You will surely forget in a while whatever burden your heart is carrying at the moment. You will be amazed of the creations of the Heavenly Father as being taken care of by the people around. You will be mesmerized by the scene being on the hilltop. You will be astounded by the beauty of nature.

Not just those steps of a stairway that you will take. There’s a lot more. But those more steps will surely bring you more amazement being in nature.

In a distant, not a far from the grotto, looking up on the trees above, you will see a ball like hanging on the branches. There are few that you can figure it out. There are few that you can figure it out. Certainly those are bats, giants might be since it can be figured out from a distance.

You might thought it ends there.
But take more of the stairway up and down you will see more of the beauty it hides. Bonsai plants of different specie surrounds. They seem to boast their lives as they stood strong and healthy above the rocks. Other plants crept and other tress grew tall giving more greeneries around, giving shades underneath and adding the cool breeze of the wind from the salty ocean.

Taking the steeper and the most steps of the stairway will surely bring you to a delighting and breathtaking scene.

On the top is a dead end but that never brought a dull moment to reach the end. Rocks on the side of the mountain are so eye-captivating. Its formation shows prestige of the place. Seeing the wide ocean resembles endless freedom. Its blue waters glitter from afar. Its waves show cotton like bubbles as it breaks on the rocky cliff. And its sound is like a symphony of an orchestra playing.

Nothing compares to the extraordinary experience in the place. The stress and distractions to oneself incurred in the past days had just vanish. It has been a solitude taking the stairway to a haven.