By: Lover Rose Joy R. Antigua, RN
Nurse II- Mental Health Program Coordinator
DepEd Agusan del Norte

Hello! How are you today?

Lover Rose Joy R. Antigua

At the moment while you are accidentally skimming this article, you might be stuck into another but parallel universe: a virtual life filled with video conferences, webinars, digital assignments, and more!

In between the many and varied ‘ganap’ in your day as a DepEd Caraga employee- whether you are a teacher or a non-teaching personnel, have you been able to ask yourself, “How am I doing? What am I feeling?” Or have you been crazily busy you feel it’s a luxury to pause and ask yourself those exact questions?

Yes, it is beyond argument and pretty ironic how a single-strained microorganism has broadly changed our world to what it is today. The so-called new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic seems not normal at all, is it? Don’t worry, everyone feels the same. It’s okay not to be okay with what’s going on around the world nowadays.

So, come on. Go on. Express what you are feeling inside. Don’t be afraid. Facebook asks you this every time you open it, “What’s on your mind?”

Come on, go on. Tell us what’s on your mind. You can either shout it out in the blank page of your work notebook or speak up to a trusted friend nearby while strictly keeping that one-meter required physical distance.

Hello! How are you today?

Self-care is self-love, and it should never be luxurious at all. All you need to start doing so is by asking the question and responding with all honesty and rawness of emotions.

Feel it. Breathe it out. Speak up.

Then, say this to yourself, “I am larger than the COVID virus. I can handle the new normal. I matter.”

Yes, you are.

Of course, you do.