DepEd Caraga Region XIII, in its effort to provide quality services to its clienteles through an effective and efficient continuously improved organizational system, has commenced its journey towards standardizing its processes.

Today, the 7S Compliance Team members Dr. Alejandro Macadatar and Dr. Edmund Mendoza inspected all units within the regional office to ensure that the continuous improvement mechanism called 7S – Sort, Sweep, Systematize, Standardize, Sustain, Self-Discipline, Safety, and Security – is practiced.

Red tags could be seen within the confines of the halls of the Regional Office. These red tags signpost change most especially with the housekeeping and visual management of the workplace. These red tags are reminders that all employees must be responsible for ensuring that they manage their work in a safe, clean, organized, and ergonomically healthy environment.

Furthermore, these red tags encourage the regional office employees to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness at work with the full understanding of the pivotal role of the safe environment plays in process improvement, reduction in breakdowns, reduction in the wastages, and pollution.

The journey has just begun but these red tags signal a stop – a moment to evaluate what needs to be improved, and what needs to be done to make the necessary changes happen for the greater good and benefits not only for the employees but also for the clienteles that DepEd Caraga Region XIII serve.

Let’s all then witness when these red tags turn green.

Photo credit: Pedro Tecson, PDO II (Public Affairs Unit)s