T-III, Tambis Central Elementary School, Barobo II
Division of Surigao del Sur

Life is a motion. Our body’s movement, in fact, is driven by innate and outside forces that shape our behavior, attitude, and perception within a dynamic that stimulates growth and progression.

These forces definitely affect society’s facets and balances. Our educational system, for instance, has veered away from the ideal instructional delivery in response to an outside force called a pandemic. Covid-19 has disturbed the teaching-learning process as it brought immense changes to the existing curriculum.

Law of Inertia or Newton’s first law states that “the object remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon by force.” Applying this to our educational system, we can say that the pandemic has exerted a force that “rested” our educational motion for several months.

The department, however, remains steadfast in ensuring the delivery of quality education for all. The pandemic has not stopped its operations. On the contrary, DepEd continues to provide learning programs and mechanisms for alternative learning and teaching activities amidst the crisis. Indeed, it takes extra efforts and sacrifices from all stakeholders to propel education to its current velocity. It is how it works.

Newton’s second law of motion says that the force of the object is equal to the mass of that object multiplied by acceleration (F=ma). Education is our force. Thus, it calls for appropriate efforts for education to accelerate. Hence, it is government strategic plans over educational challenges and problems. Learning Delivery Modality Courses is one of the best examples that provide a better understanding of how the “new normal” of education operates.

The third law says, “When one body exerts a force on the second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude.” This connotes unity and cooperation between the government, the implementers, and the benefactors. To achieve educational goals, all must invest efforts and resources for mutual benefit, for each one affects the other.

In a sense, Newton’s laws of motion, when analogously applied to educational practices, could very well become an essential tool in visualizing the roadmap of success of the Department of Education.