By Sherjune C. Caňete

The school year 2019–2020 ended rather oddly, with schools still closed and students glued to their homes, unable to have fun outdoors, never catching the usual summer breeze and the mesmerizing scenes of the outside world.

Marcos Calo National High School (MCNHS) has been my station since February 2018. Currently, it nurtures more than 400 students from Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur. It also has 25 employees. Last year, in response to the pandemic, the school adopted the printed MDL or modular distance learning delivery modality.

I served 25 students in different grade levels in Brgy. San Agustin, Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur. Together with two other teachers, I delivered and retrieved the Self-Learning Modules and (SLM) and Learning Activity Sheets (LAS) on a scheduled basis. We called this the “kuha-baylo scheme.”
While working from home, I volunteered to create the LAS for Grade 8, Grade 10, and General Chemistry 2. Eventually, I became a validator for the learning resources of these subject areas.

The online world became my new comfort zone as seminars, meetings, and other activities related to creating the LAS were done virtually. Engaging with fellow teachers through virtual platforms offered a different kind of fun and meaning. It never failed to paste smiles on my face.

For some, this change in the learning modalities may be a leap in the teaching process. To some extent, it is true. It is a leap from the crushing blow of fear to the confidence of hope, from defeat to victory, and from mediocrity to excellence. The pandemic allowed us to grow not only as teachers but also as good citizens and better persons.

Yes, the school year ended rather oddly, but with hearts opened, hope restored, with students learning from home, and I, as their teacher, will soon accompany them to have fun outdoors to catch the cool breeze of summer and the mesmerizing scenes of the outside world.