Cabadbaran City Division

“Do your best. Be the best because not everyone has the same opportunity,” said Hon. Maria Carla L. Pichay, Mayor of Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, in her welcome message during the opening ceremony of DepEd Caraga Regional Integrated Schools’ Activities (RISA) held in Tandag City on November 18, 2019.

“When I was in school, I [did] not belong to the first section. And I was not always given [a] chance to participate in any [school] competition. But this never hindered me,” she articulated.
For Pichay, those who participate in any competition must perform at the highest level and prove their worth. She stressed, “I must double the effort to prove it that I am worthy of the chance given to me,” saying that students from other sections can represent the school just as well, just as she did.
She revealed that her participation in one contest was a breakthrough for her personal growth and development. “That was the moment that developed my self-esteem and confidence to stand for myself and my constituents in Cantilan. It is hard, but it is greatly rewarding,” she continued with a smile.
The lady mayor stressed that we must learn first to stand for ourselves before standing for others. “To be participating in the regional contest is more of an achievement to you.”

She ended her message by reminding the 8,000-strong participants that being the best is a blessing. “So, starting today, I am challenging you all to do your best in being your best for yourself and for all the people you love.”