Marieto Cleben V. Lozada

By Marieto Cleben V. Lozada
Surigao del Sur Division

Fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, many Filipino health and medical front liners  have already sacrificed their lives. They literally pushed themselves to the brink of death for our sake. 

It is very disheartening that a number of them have been harassed and maltreated by their neighbors because they are deemed infectious and a threat to others’ well-being.

However, we need to realize that these frontliners are our main link/bridge and our visible hope toward a Covid 19–free nation – because they fight their battle directly at the virus’ path.

Indeed, they are our today’s heroes amidst divisive political views among us Filipinos.

During these very difficult times, we need to realize their utmost importance above anyone else, more than the DSWD personnel and politicians whose importance are visibly felt more in the distribution of amelioration and relief goods to the hungry masses.

Let us bear in mind that it merely takes a short while to replace a fallen DSWD personnel or any politician for that matter, but it takes 6 to 10 years to replace a fallen medical front liner.  Our medical practitioners are like a rare specie under threat of extinction.

As an expression of gratitude for these contemporary Filipino heroes and martyrs, the least we can do is to give them our words of appreciation, not acts of cruelty and indifference.


[N.B. This article was originally published in An Madayaw, the official publication of the Schools Division of Surigao del Sur, Volume 6, Issue 16, April 2020 edition]