BUTUAN CITY – 09/16/19

In today’s flag raising ceremony, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ysulan, Regional IPEd Coordinator, presented the sample of the approved IP-inspired blazer as part of the uniform of regional employees.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ysulan (R) explains the Manobo symbols, assisted by Dr. Jesus Nono.

Ysulan explained the symbolisms of the three Manobo art designs printed in the blazer.

The wave-form, she said, symbolizes water (or body of water), a major source of livelihood for the Manobos. The bigger triangle symbolizes the heart. This is because DepEd showed heartfelt respect for the Manobo in asking their permission to use their symbols, hence heartfully they granted their permission. The flower represents the Makalingi plant which is endemic in their communities.

“They [the Manobos] are very happy that DepEd is the first government agency to ask permission from them to use their symbols,” Ysulan said. She stressed that it is the proper thing to do for an institution that teaches respect for the intellectual property rights of IP communities.

Ysulan recalled that the process of asking permission was not that easy. “Because the community believes that the symbols that they have, [are] owned not only by a single person but by the community. [The symbolism] belongs to the past, the present, and the future generation,” she articulated.

This means that whenever any agency or personality would borrow or use their intellectual properties, permission must be sought from the past, present, and future generations, including the deities or spirits from which they received the symbols. This is the reason why the process of asking permission is so long and tedious, she added.

According to Ysulan, Manobo elders will perform a ritual on September 17 at the R-NEAP Caraga (formerly RELC II) as part of the permission process. The emblazoned blazers will be used for the ritual. She also exhorted everyone to use the blazers with the same respect and reverence that the Manobo had in respect to their hallowed symbols which, according to their beliefs, could ensure safety for the one who wears it.

Ysulan also announced that the blazers will be worn by the 26 delegates during the National Assembly of Education Leaders on September 24-26 in Pasay City.

Today’s event also featured the Question and Answer portion facilitated by Dr. Edmund D. Mendoza of the Quality Assurance Division, with the assistance of Dr. Jesus Nono and Dr. Gilbert Gayrama. The winners were: Mr. Manuel O. Caberte, Dr. Alejandro P. Macadatar (not in photo), Mrs. Marilyn F. Antiquina, and Mrs. Fe M. Dizon (Agusan del Norte).


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