Liza M. Guingguing, Senior Education Program Specialist, Surigao del Sur Division

By Liza M. Guingguing
Surigao del Sur Division

Medical experts and the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that the outbreak of COVID-19 and prolonged isolation may be stressful to us especially to the young ones. As we in the community find ourselves working from home or unable to go down the street to meet some friends and family, staying psychologically healthy becomes more and more difficult.  With this, we engage in different ways of coping with stress, anxiety and loneliness.

We take breaks throughout the day by indulging in healthful habits like home workouts, doing regular prayer, maintaining good communication with housemates, journaling, gardening, getting engrossed in social media, e-learning activities, and many more.

Meanwhile, to help enforce activities to build connection and foster learning, DepEd Surigao del Sur Division through the Youth Formation Unit encourages schools to create interesting activities online for teachers and students wherein participants will have chances of winning cellphone/internet loads or other prizes.

The photo ads below are just some of the starters for this division’s digital contests. In fact, the Youth Formation Unit already posted an activity with prizes donated by fellow Division Office Personnel as shared by Mr. Von Jason A. Casa, PDO I. According to Mr. Glee Cris Urbiztondo, PDO I, the activities posted from the field are mostly initiated by the Supreme Student Government and are acknowledged by their school heads.

We are not always in control with circumstances, however, we can earnestly learn to enjoy from the comfort of our own homes by engaging in creative activities.  Indeed, creativity in crisis saves the day.


(N.B. This article was first published in An Madayaw, the official publication of Surigao del Sur Division,  Volume 10, Issue 16, April 2020)