By Love Emma B. Sudario
SEPS, Cabadbaran City Division

The spirit of civic unity and cooperation is a way of life among Caraganons. It has been highly manifested by the genuine mutual assistance from among stakeholders pours in to deliver community work and for the greater good – our school children.

I came across remarkable accounts during the conduct of Brigada and Oplan Balik Eskwela 2018 that are worth sharing.  On a fine, sunny day, everyone in the Schools Division of Cabadbaran City together with supportive stakeholders from different agencies and organizations was out to join the Kick-off Ceremony of this annual activity.  A laborious day was ahead of them all to prepare schools for the opening of classes.

In the same event, Hon. Katrina Marie O. Mortola, the City Mayor of Cabadbaran, signified the LGU’s staunch support, donated 300 gallons of paint, and delivered a reflective message which I found valuable.

She stressed the importance of teaching learners some values in relation to Brigada Eskwela.

She said, “Inasmuch as stakeholders would want to make the learners savor the readiness of schools through the heavy and menial tasks we accomplished for them, our learners need to realize that life is not a bed of roses.  Life being tough and rough at times, learners ought to be taught the value of hard work and how to overcome difficult circumstances.”

Dr. Lorenzo Macasocol, Schools District Superintendent (SDS) of Cabadbaran City, receives the gallons of paint donated by the LGU of Cabadbaran City through City Hon. Mayor Katrina Mortola.

I find such statement timely and relevant as the young should understand that hard work and diligence should be coupled with faith in the Supreme Being so that they will not become weary no matter how insurmountable the challenges life may bring.

SDS Macasocol accepts the symbolic key or responsibility during the turnover ceremony of the new school building of Cabadbaran City National High School.

Another important event took place in Cabadbaran City National High School (CCNHS) when two units of two-storey classroom building for Senior High School were officially turned over on May 29, 2018.  Dr. Lorenzo O. Macasocol, the OIC-Schools Division Superintendent during his talk reminisced the shortage and simplicity of classrooms in CCNHS back in 2003.

He then challenged the teachers that if excellence in the midst of scarcity was possible, quality education must be pursued with gusto in a much more pleasant school environment.

The mantra “Para sa Bata, Para sa Bayan” has to be ingrained in the hearts and minds of School Heads and teachers and must bloom into a collective passion so that everyone in the community could operate on the same value and develop a sense of shared destiny.

Asec GH S. Ambat meets with Regional and Division education leaders in time for the conduct of her monitoring and visitation to the three schools.

As classes began on June 4, we were blessed to have been monitored by the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Service and Alternative Learning System, GH S. Ambat who visited three schools in our Division namely:  Cabadbaran City National High School, NORCACES and La Union ES.  She thanked the teachers and stakeholders for ensuring the preparedness of schools for the opening of classes.  She also commended the evidence of assiduous “bayanihan” of people from all walks of life which ascertained normalcy in the community as an offshoot of opening of classes.

Humbled by the tremendous support we received in making the 35 schools of Cabadbaran City Division ready for School-Year 2018-2019, I continue to reflect on these takeaways – narratives which tell that pursuit of excellence entails hard work, faith, and passion .  And when success is attained, gratefulness should cap the experience.

(Edited by Ariem V. Cinco)